It’s all about our members!

Gia Machlin

EcoPlum is on a mission to disrupt the $24 billion promotional products industry to reduce the amount of plastic waste it creates that ends up in our landfills and oceans.

Ramona Cedeno

FiBrick helps small businesses become profitable powerhouses by providing them with customized and actionable accounting, tax planning and fractional CFO services.

Schellie Percudani

ContangoIt: we are 75 people across four departments. We are experts in 4 key areas. IT Support, Cyber Security, Custom Programming, and Low Voltage Wiring in union and non-union buildings.

Sara Glancy

Sara Glancy, founder of Speak Masterfully, helps professionals present with ease and high engagement in front of audiences large and small, so they can:

– get the promotion
– become known as thought leaders in their field
– become more effective team leaders
– make more sales

Diana Hartley

I am a mentor for empaths and highly sensitive people who are ready to embrace their superpowers of intuition and caring to advance their purpose in the world. I conduct one-on-one sessions and classes that are focused on empowerment not fixing what is broken. They are not broken. My joy is helping people like me who are ready to achieve their dreams without having to hide or dim their brilliant lights.

Michele Berdinis

By delivering compassionate legal advice and trademark registration services whenever and wherever the client needs it, Beeline helps clients protect a trademark they love, generating peace of mind through the knowledge that their trademark is safe to use and strong enough to protect.

Ava Ghiotti

Merchants of Beauty is a boutique candle brand that focuses on creative storytelling through curated candle collections designed in house. Through scent, color, and design each candle captures an essence, every candle telling a story.

Maria Miliotis

I have been in the beauty industry for thirty years and owned my agency for twenty years. My company Faceworks International specializes in hair/make-up services on site for special events. This concept came to me years after working as a celebrity make-up artist for other agencies.

Dr. Chloe Carmichael

Carmichael Psychology PLLC provides clinical therapy and coaching services to a variety of clients: in individual, couples, and/or family/group in-office setting and in a HIPAA-compliant online platform setting.

Glendy Yeung

Glendy Yeung is changing the way we experience who we are – our thoughts, emotions and relationship with our body mind and spirit – with vibrational wellness.

Lina Stillman

Most of us spend the majority of our time at the workplace, making work-related issues extremely important. Employment law is all I do. I help individuals get the justice they deserve when they have been treated illegally by an employer.

Stephanie Shalofsky

I specialize in working with small companies struggling to gain control over their work environment. My top services focus on organizing the stuff, space and systems.

Nieves B. Chanthasoto

Ledger Lanes LLC offers business support in accounting, financial management, audit, tax, regulatory, and project assistance.

Sharon Holand Gelfand

Sharon Holand Gelfand a functional diagnostic nutritionist, coach, speaker and educator, transforms lives by helping women who are stressed out and overwhelmed get to the root of their most common health complaints. With specific testing, not guessing, she incorporates the results with your symptoms to create a program designed to fit your lifestyle that will heal your body, mind and spirit, improve your relationships and reclaim your health and your life.


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