Ava Ghiotti

Storytelling reimagined through scent …

Merchants of Beauty is a boutique candle brand that focuses on creative storytelling through curated candle collections designed in house. Through scent, color, and design each candle captures an essence, every candle telling a story.

With a keen attention to detail, our material sourcing and partnerships have lent to intentional collaborations around fine fragrance, color, and design direction. This creative process is the cornerstone of our collection creation.

Each candle is hand-poured in artisanal French glass, hand-painted, and hand screened. Featuring a generous amount of fine fragrance oils, free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates and a creamy natural wax blend of soy and coconut.

Our debut 5-piece candle series is a scent story inspired by New York City. A city where everyday dreams meet at the energetic intersection of optimism and possibility. This collection explores the themes of perseverance, accomplishment, carte blanche, nostalgia, and the alluring nature of the feminine. Each candle, a sensory experience.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

Combining my love for storytelling, design, and meaningful objects I set out to elevate the candle experience. I created Merchants of Beauty from the notion that meaningful objects can capture the essence of moments and memories, sparking conversation that can lead to your next great adventure.

It is in this space of conversation that I believe we are inspired to dream, setting our futures in motion. The collections that I design for Merchants of Beauty are born from my love of objects, inspired by my travels and most of all a determination to capture the essence of the world around me.

My goal is to make experiences tangle through creative products and it is my hope that you find a bit of your essence in the collections I have put together.

Who is your ideal client?

The Merchants of Beauty ideal client is someone who has an appreciation for meaningful objects. Modern, chic, and playful the brand plays to the individual looking for a piece that will uplift their mood through scent but also elevate their environment through color and design.

What would your clients say about you?

My clients would say that I am energetic and bold, a creative that is fueled by sharp focus and determination. An individual with a willingness to take risk, backed by the passion to capture the essence of the world around me through creative candle collections.

What do you love about your life?

I love the opportunity that I have been given to found and develop a business from the ground up. Being a business owner and solo entrepreneur, I show up every day with the chance to design and infuse creativity into all aspects of business growth. I love being a New Yorker. Born and raised in NYC, I continue to live my life in this city whose energy continuously inspires me and pushes the boundaries of my creativity and personal and professional goals. I love learning and I love that workshops and classes are available right at your fingertips here in NYC. You can often find me tucked away in a café working on creative deep dives or enjoying late night food from little restaurants hidden in the secret corners of the city. I love to travel and make it a point to do so a few times a year, both with friends and family, as well as solo. I love getting to explore new places, the smells, the food, the architecture, meeting new people and hearing their stories. The cornerstone of Merchants of Beauty is rooted in storytelling and capturing the essence of the world. My life inspires me to keep on discovering and capturing that essence through creative storytelling and design.