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Glendy Yeung

Vibrational Wellness
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october, 2020

A Message From the President

2020 has become a year that none of us will ever forget – Covid has derailed everyone’s plans in a way that no-one could have foreseen or budgeted for. We have all been challenged. It has stopped us in our tracks and made us take a long hard look at our ourselves, our businesses, and our lives.

And then, eclipsing all of our concerns, coming from the horrible slaying of George Floyd, a long overdue tsunami for #BlackLivesMatter. In the wake of his death came global protests, demanding that the entire world accept equality for Black and all minorities. As a Board and Membership, we are looking at what we can do and the changes that need to be made. Your NAWBO NYC is a leading business development organization, standing up for all minorities in this widely diverse city. Together, with NAWBO National and the 60 other chapters across America, we are all deeply and firmly committed to diversity, inclusion and advocacy for all!
So as women business owners we look at what we can do to turn 2020 into a landmark year for all. To set out on this journey we must relearn, re-examine and transform. As mothers, sisters and women we already know how to ‘multi-task’ and do whatever it takes to move forward. Now we are going to find out how to “pivot” and recreate ourselves, our businesses and our lives to succeed in whatever we put our minds to.

So, come and join our community, and let’s make a start together!

With gratitude,

Member Spotlight

  • Glendy Yeung is changing the way we experience who we are - our thoughts, emotions and relationship with our body mind and spirit - with vibrational wellness....

  • Most of us spend the majority of our time at the workplace, making work-related issues extremely important. Employment law is all I do. I help individuals get the justice they deserve when they have been treated illegally by an employer....

  • I specialize in working with small companies struggling to gain control over their work environment. My top services focus on organizing the stuff, space and systems....

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NAWBO NYC’s unique Mentoring Program is built on a one-on-one relationship between an experienced, successful woman entrepreneur and a business owner who needs guidance to grow her company or take it in new directions.