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april, 2021

April Message From Elizabeth Foster

It is truly hard to believe how quickly my two-year term as President of NAWBO NYC has passed and that I am writing this as I prepare to transition to Immediate Past President on July 1st. I have had the privilege of serving on this powerful board for a total of 5 years. Prior to the past 2 years as President, I previously served as VP of Events and President Elect, which was also extremely rewarding. I often think back to when I was first introduced to NAWBO 6 years ago. It was around the same time that I first arrived in the US, having relocated from Bath, England. As a woman business owner, I knew that I needed to make new connections and build strong relationships, but I just didn’t know where to begin. How very grateful I am to my friend that encouraged me to look into NAWBO!

Through my board service, I have connected with the community, discovered and honed my skills in leadership, worked collaboratively with an amazing volunteer board, and made friends and connections that I will always hold close to my heart. I embraced the experience with open arms, and little did I know it would have such a significant impact on me both professionally and personally.

I step down with confidence and look towards a bright future for NAWBO NYC and I warmly welcome you to be a part of it!. The lessons that I have learned and the relationships that I have built while volunteering with this fantastic board are absolutely priceless. My hope is that you can see the value in volunteering, as it truly is a win-win for everyone.

And now is the time for you to jump on Board! Apply today, as the interview process will begin in May, the final Board will be confirmed in June and the new roles will begin on July 1st.

With gratitude,

Member Spotlight

  • Professional organizer for small biz owners and executives - time management, office organization, business systems...

  • Professional organizer for small biz owners and executives - time management, office organization, business systems...

  • Professional organizer for small biz owners and executives - time management, office organization, business systems...

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NAWBO NYC 2021 By-Laws

NAWBO NYC has recently worked with NAWBO National to update our Chapter Bylaws of the NYC Chapter. This document has been prepared in alignment with the updated mission and goals of NAWBO National. Other Chapters around the country have recently gone through this same process. We ask for the support of all Premier members in reviewing the document, which has been approved by the NYC Chapter Board, and we now need your vote of approval.

This is a NAWBO NYC Chapter membership vote on whether the Bylaws draft document, titled “NAWBO NYC Bylaws 3.25.21” is approved. The 2 main changes are:

1 – Change term of President and Immediate Past President from 2 years to 1 year, with a maximum of 2 years.
2 – Other minor updates to the Bylaws for consistency with NAWBO National

Please note that this is only for members with voting rights, so only Premier members of the Chapter may vote.

An email has been sent to all Premier members asking for your vote. NAWBO NYC By Laws 03.24.2021

NAWBO NYC Mentoring Program

NAWBO NYC’s unique Mentoring Program is built on a one-on-one relationship between an experienced, successful woman entrepreneur and a business owner who needs guidance to grow her company or take it in new directions.