Karen Heredia

Take your team on our multi-sensory Timeline Adventures that we design specifically for your company to facilitate meaning and connection, and supercharge your social responsibility initiatives.
Karen Heredia

Why did you choose this particular business/industry

My co-founder and I started Next Big Thing because we saw an opportunity in how the future of work is evolving. Workers and prospective employees — the majority of which are now Gen Z and Millennials — are demanding meaning, connection and purpose in their jobs like never before. At the same time, the world is facing unprecedented social and environmental challenges, and the public, investors, and workers all expect businesses to do more. We have 15 years experience in advocacy, strategic communications, multimedia storytelling, and creative community engagement, and have worked on five continents, with companies large and small. Throughout our work, we’ve seen the ways in which socially responsible companies can meaningfully spark positive change, as well as places where standard social impact initiatives have opportunities to improve. So when we say we know social impact, we know social impact!

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is any company that want to innovate their social responsibility approaches (whether you’re just starting your CSR journey or seeking to improve existing programs) and more holistically include their employees in their impact work.

What would your clients say about you?

Our clients have said that we are creative, collaborative, and caring.

What do you love about your life?

My family and friends and community are some of the best around!

Why did you join NAWBO?

I joined NAWBO to meet other women entrepreneurs. Starting my own company has been so fulfilling — challenges, successes, and all — and I would love to hear about other people’s experiences.

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Next Big Thing helps companies increase team morale, retain skilled staff, and ensure that their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are having their desired positive impact. Through custom Timeline Adventures (e.g. a day-long “multiverse” scavenger hunt, an AR tour of historical monuments that could have been, a guided “back to the future” ecosystem hike, etc.), we provide dynamic avenues for mission-centered companies to authentically connect their team members with local groups trying to enact positive change that aligns with corporate values.