Dr. Sandi Webster

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Why did you choose this particular business/industry

I was already in the education business delivering workshops and seminars. I moved online during the pandemic.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is a woman business owner with revenues over $1 million who is looking to prepare their business for sale or retirement.

What would your clients say about you?

My clients would say that I’m maniacally focused on results, honest and direct with my feedback, and listen to issues while helping them to provide solutions to problems.

What do you love about your life?

I love that I’ve created a life where I can work from anywhere – that I have full decision-making abilities over my company, and I can decide on when to stop and smell the roses.

Why did you join NAWBO?

I joined NAWBO around 2002 when I started my first business and needed the camaraderie and advice of other women business owners who were also scaling their businesses. I wanted to participate by sharing my current knowledge while acquiring new skills.

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Sandi Webster LLC coaches business owners to scale their businesses and prepare them for sale by understanding the impact of EBITDA on businesses. CEO, Dr. Sandi Webster, ensures women's preparation for business through online education and advisory services. The company develops and delivers curriculum for workshops, retreats, one-on-one coaching, and intensives (customized 1-day advisory experiences) for her coaching clients thru the Sandi Webster Coachsulting brand. Online education includes the course, "How to Form an Advisory Board." For business owners who still need help creating their advisory boards, the company will consult with them to create their boards as well as board management.