Sara Glancy

Sara Glancy, founder of Speak Masterfully, helps professionals present with ease and high engagement in front of audiences large and small, so they can:

– get the promotion
– become known as thought leaders in their field
– become more effective team leaders
– make more sales

With a background in both theatre and entrepreneurship, Sara has a unique perspective on what it takes to be an effective speaker in the professional sphere. Drawing on her acting training from NYU TISCH School for the Arts, as well as her years of experience building her own business, she has developed a methodology that is equal parts art and science, all with the goal of empowering her clients to step into the spotlight with less fear and more fun.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

I’m passionate about empowering people to tell their stories. I believe that everyone has a compelling story to tell, all they need are to tools to tell it.

Who is your ideal client?

A professional who wants to advance their career by stepping into the spotlight in a bigger way

What would your clients say about you?

Instead of putting words in their mouths, allow me to share a recent testimonial from one of my lovely clients!

“Sara WILL help you improve. She will instill you with the confidence you need to succeed before a crowd or on camera. She understands the art of storytelling, the power of one’s voice and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and insight to every lesson. In addition to being super talented, Sara is very accommodating, warm, and friendly. Highly recommend her!”


What do you love about your life?

I love that I live in a home filled with laughter and music. As a public speaking coach, I’m a very auditory person, and those are some of the sweetest sounds I know.