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“I attended the first NRG meeting and was impressed by the thought that went behind creating this group. I believe that all who attend and commit to this group will see their business grow exponentially. I’m looking forward to making new friends while growing my business.”
-Mercedes Hernandez-Lata
S&M Expediting


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Member Expectations As members of NAWBO Referral Group, we abide by a code of ethics and certain explicit expectations in order to create a supportive and professional networking environment. If you are a current member or considering joining, please make yourself familiar with these expectations and ask for clarification as needed.

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Membership Code of Ethics. Members shall comply with the following:
Each Member will commit to punctual attendance at regularly scheduled meetings.
Each Member will provide the quality of services at the prices he or she has quoted.
Each Member will be truthful with the Members and their referrals.
Each Member will build goodwill and trust among Members and their referrals.
Each Member will take responsibility for following up with the referrals that he or she receives.
Each Member will live up to the ethical standards of their profession.
Each Member will display a positive and supportive attitude with the Members of the Group.
Each Member agrees to abide by these guidelines and all applicable NAWBO by-laws, guidelines, rules and regulations.

Are you here to sell products to the group? If you answered yes, you are in the wrong place! It may be true that some members of NRG may be in need of your services. However, your target is more likely the people that we know- our friends, family, co-workers or clients.

How do you reach them? By getting to know members, having one-to-one’s, and growing those professional relationships. When you know someone better, they are more likely to be comfortable and confident putting their reputation in your hands by referring you to their network. Building trust and establishing credibility are critical factors for successful networking.

Do you want to join a supportive, successful, professional networking group in order to build your business as well as the other group members? Welcome—you found the right place!

Who We are We are an inclusive diverse-friendly group of professionals. We are NAWBO Referral Group. Our Goal is for our members to build trust and long-term relationships within our group to create business opportunities. We offer a forum for business owners and professionals to market themselves, get educated, and grow their businesses in a supportive, proactive peer-to-peer environment.

How Networking helps your business…

As business owners or sales professionals, we can always use more business.

Personal 1:1 networking is a proven way to increase your business and knowledge base. Through face-to-face business networking, we take the time to get to know the members of the group, and that in turn helps us grow our business from referrals. By creating and nurturing professional relationships, our network grows further and faster than most kinds of advertising would foster.

Equally, our business clients benefit from our membership in NRG because when they ask, “Do you know anyone who does or provides ______?” we can answer, “Yes, I do, and you MUST contact _____.”

Being able to provide business and professional referrals enhances our value to our clients and potential clients.

Be Our Guest Members are encouraged to invite their colleagues, clients and business associates to attend as guests. Guests may attend a maximum of two (2) meetings during any consecutive three hundred sixty-five (365) day period and do not need to be NAWBO members. Guest attendance is open to any business owner and/or entrepreneur engaged in a legitimate, lawful and ethical business profession. Guests may fully participate in meetings except they may not distribute marketing materials other than business cards.

Frequently Asked Questions We are a diverse and inclusive group; everyone is welcome.

When and how often do you meet? We meet every other week on Thursdays. We meet from 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

Where do you meet? We do not have a permanent location, and you will be notified when we have permanent location or if there is a change of our current location.

Do you practice “one seat per-profession/specialty”? Yes we do. We maintain an environment where members can freely give referrals. Having two members in the same “seat” interferes with that goal.

I travel a lot. How many absences are allowed? Members should have no more than two (2) unexcused absences per any 6-month period. If you know you need to miss a meeting in advance, you should arrange for a substitute.

Can I visit as a guest? Please do! You may visit as a guest a maximum of two (2) meetings in any 365-day period. Contact us at NAWBO.NRG to find out when our next meeting is taking place.

How much are dues? We also have a one-time $100 application fee when you join, which is refunded if you are not accepted into NRG.

Can I be a member of another networking group if I am a member of NRG? Yes. We do not have any restrictions on you participating in other networking groups as long as you are supporting the business growth and networks of our members.

Do I have to join NAWBO NYC to be a member of NRG?
Yes. All NRG members must also be members in good standing with NAWBO NYC. Join NAWBO NYC at this website: Separate fees for a NAWBO NYC membership apply.

How long before I might see business from being a member? Every business is different. The faster and more thoroughly you engage with members of our group, the more likely you will generate referrals. And of course, like any networking group, we cannot guarantee referral business.

BEING A GUEST: Please prepare a 60-second commercial about you and your business. Include who is a good referral for you and how your business is making a difference. Bring 30 business cards to hand out.

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August 8, 2019 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm(GMT+00:00)

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