• You’ve Got the Brains to Power Your Marketing

            Whether it’s print or digital marketing, social media or public relations, a remarkable number of studies that have been conducted in recent years indicate women marketers outperform men. As one male marketing executive who teaches brand management to MBA students says, “To put it bluntly, women have a massive genetic advantage […]

  • Congratulations to our 2017-2018 award winners!

    It was a beautiful summer night, too hot to be outside but perfect for a cocktail celebration indoors at the Evening of Excellence sponsored by UPS! Guests’ eyes lit up when they entered the magnificently designed lobby of the Porcelanosa building on Fifth Avenue and 25th Street, with it’s 3-story windows and open terrace leading to […]

  • Mentoring program graduation

    NAWBO NYC wants to congratulate the graduates of our Mentoring Program. We wish them continued success on their entrepreneurship journey. If anyone is interested in joining the program in 2018-2019, please contact Rita Beygelman at  “I am very, very grateful to have worked with the wonderful Nina Kaufman – thank you for such a […]

  • Advocacy Opportunity: White House Conference on Small Business

    NAWBO National is pleased to be part of a coalition that has been advocating for a White House Conference on Small Business.  The last such conference was held in 1995.  We have heard from many NAWBO members who attended previous conferences that they were very valuable in gathering small business owners together to discuss the […]

  • When You Power Your Voice, It Powers Us All

    “When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” —Malala Yousafzai If one woman speaking out on a cause or issue she cares about can create an impact, imagine the power of more than 100 women’s voices when NAWBO National recently headed to Capitol Hill for the most successful Advocacy Day in our […]

  • Flexible Work Options Fuel Success

    (Los Angeles, CA – June 28, 2018) As the founder of a successful small business, I’m a strong believer that cultivating the right work environment is not just important, but essential to the long-term viability and growth of any business endeavor. Ultimately, it comes down to people – leaders who set the direction and tone, and […]

  • Breaking Down Barriers to Access

    Despite major inroads over the years, access to capital remains one of the greatest barriers for women trying to launch, scale and grow their businesses, which means opportunities for all of us to continue to speak up, reach out, educate and innovate to make a difference. Earlier this spring, the National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) […]

  • To the Next Level and Beyond

    An American fitness industry entrepreneur once said, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable, that’s how you break the plateau and reach the next level.” As women entrepreneurs, we are always thinking about our “next level.” For some, it might mean taking out a loan to start your business, hiring your first employee or leasing office space. For […]

  • Now is the Time for “Workflex in the 21st Century”

    We are fortunate that the modern workplace has opened new doors and changed how we think about when and where work is done. This makes all the difference in the world for employees navigating trying times and for employers who want to help themthrough times of need.   Regrettably, workplace policies here in California and across the country have […]

  • Prepare to Take Flight

    “You can do anything you decide to do.” —Amelia Earhart A flight instructor once said the big difference between male and female students is that male students almost always need to get their skill level up to their confidence level, while female students inevitably need to get their confidence level up to their skill level. This […]

  • Wear Your “Legal” Hat Well

    As women business owners, we often wear a lot of hats—from CEO to HR Manager to Vice President of Sales. And then of course, there’s that one hat we all have to reluctantly put on from time to time—head of legal. For a lot of small and growing organizations, it makes sense to rely on […]

  • NAWBO NYC Hosts Delegation of French Women Business Owners

    The NAWBO NYC board was recently honored to host delegates from the French women business owners organization FCE – Les Femme Chefs d’Enterprise. It was a clear, beautiful night in New York City, perfect for cocktails and conversation between the business women from New York and Paris. We met at the lovely apartment of NAWBO […]