Stephanie Shalofsky

Stephanie Shalofsky

The Organizing Zone

I’m Stephanie Shalofsky, founder of The Organizing Zone. I transform my clients combat zones into comfort zones, so they’ll be more productive and have more time for the tasks they need/want to do. I manage both my client’s emotions as well as their projects, so they overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals.

I specialize in working with small companies struggling to gain control over their work environment. My top services focus on organizing the stuff, space and systems.

1. Home office organizing: Every home has a home office either for running a business or managing the household. A dedicated space that can then be maximized is essential, so the office isn’t spilling all over the home.

2. Creating paper and digital filing systems: Many people are either knee deep in paper or drowning in digital clutter…. or both. Easy to follow systems are set up to identify what to keep and where to keep it so that information can be retrieved in seconds.

3. Office organizing: We declutter workspaces to eliminate distractions and then create a workflow process for managing email, the calendar and task list. We also re-organize supply closets and office kitchens to better utilize the spaces.


Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

It was the perfect fit for my skill set and experience. In addition, I love sharing my skills with clients and participating in their journey to overcome their organizing challenges.

Who is your ideal client?

Small business owners who aren’t able to achieve their goals because of their company’s disorganization. They don’t have effective systems in place and deadlines are missed, information is misplaced so time is wasted looking for it and their office is cluttered so it lacks a professional appearance.

What would your clients say about you?

That I bring calm and perspective to their projects as I encourage and guide them along the path to achieving their goals.

What do you love about your life?

l love the challenges, opportunities and flexibility that having my own business offers for my own growth, meeting new and interesting people, and pushing me out of my comfort zone.