Rebecca Maxwell

Rebecca Maxwell

Asentiv New York




By providing dynamic business consulting, compassionate coaching, impactful training and unique relationship building strategies, Asentiv New York equips companies, teams & individuals to uncover their own particular paths to success.

  • They work with business owners on strategies for building & activating their networks leading to a more consistent pipeline of opportunities, more long term clients and the ability to build their businesses without sacrificing their lives.
  • Sleeves rolled-up, practical approach to business coaching & consulting provides even the most Accidental Entrepreneur with the tools & confidence to navigate life as a business owner, whatever the stage of their business.
  • Through their relationship-based approach to leadership & team development companies become more focused, productive and profitable – strengthening engagement with employees and creating meaningful connections with customers

Because we’re far stronger together than we are individually, and because no one person has all the answers, through their Mastermind groups and networking events they also create communities of like-minded entrepreneurs who can support, advise, challenge & just be there for each other.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

“Having spent 27 years as a senior manager and leader in complex public organizations in the UK, I have accumulated a wide set of skills & experiences! My drive has always been to use them to have a positive impact on the people & communities I work with. Being able to bring together my strategic leadership & management experience with my coaching, training & development skills was too good an opportunity to miss. Seeing business owners, leaders & team members solve the problems & challenges facing them, grow in confidence and achieve success on their terms is a rewarding experience – who wouldn’t want that?”

Who is your ideal client?

“We work well with:

  • companies that are Vision & Mission driven (or want to be!) and are looking to use those values to connect with their employees, their network and their customers
  • growing businesses ready for that next leap but not quite sure what route to take or which opportunity to focus on first
  • Reluctant Salespeople – the ones who need to sell but really don’t like doing it, have never been taught and/or aren’t sure how to do it without being ‘salesy’
  • Accidental Entrepreneurs – people who have followed their passion and suddenly realize they have a business to run as well
  • time pressed business owners who have achieved success and now just want their lives back”

What would your clients say about you?

“Our clients tell us they appreciate our practical, hands-on and real life approach. We don’t just provide theories, but also strategies, tactics & quick hacks that make a difference.

Some of the best feedback is hearing that after working with us clients have been more confident to take the next step that has allowed them to build their business, follow up that next opportunity and put their growth route map in place.

It’s music to our ears when we’re told that our workshops have made people think differently about their business relationships. And even more so when we hear that it’s creating higher performing teams, an increased pipeline of opportunities and more of the customers that business really wants to work with.

We regularly hear that we are approachable, insightful, supportive – and fun!”

What do you love about your life?

“The best thing about what we do is getting to work with amazing clients – both in terms of what they’re achieving, but more importantly in terms of who they are. Sharing their journey is a privilege. The ability to make an impact and empower others to do the same is a real joy.”