NAWBO 2017 Initial Strategic Meeting – June 13th


by Patricia Tagle

For the first time in at least a decade, NAWBO NYC embarks on a 5-year strategic planning process to help guide the growth of the chapter and its impact both politically and economically for women business owners in and around NYC.

Organized by our incoming President, Maisha Walker and led by outgoing VP of Communications, Lauren Banyar Reich, CEO & Founder of LBR PR, the 16-person planning team recognized the successes of the past board and developed a wish list of areas where they wanted to see NAWBO NYC improve and expand. Along with this, a SWOT analysis was developed to highlight action items that would move NAWBO NYC in the direction of the executive board’s vision for 2017 and beyond.

The meeting was graciously hosted by Rachel Kovacs in her wonderful home. Along with the view from her home, the NAWBO NYC board members are hoping that they can provide members and potential members alike transparency with regard to NAWBO NYC’s vision and an accessible action plan to move women’s businesses forward.

Attendees for this event were:  Elizabeth Foster‌, Lauren Banyar Reich‌, Francine Parham‌, Mandy Ho‌, Joy Passey‌, Maisha Walker‌, Chara McGill‌, Caroline Kamowski‌, Trish Tagle‌, Victoria Rossi‌, Christine Alemany‌, Kate Ferreira‌, Larissa Lara Kisielewska‌, Kathleen Day‌, Sophie Wade‌, Rebecca Rodriguez‌, Noreen Sumpter‌, and Ronnette Riley.

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