Madeline Klein

Madeline Klein

Grit and Momentum….Coaching for Achievers!

Grit and Momentum

I hold you accountable, dissolving your procrastination, so that you take immediate action, allowing you to hit your goal targets on time and on schedule. As a Ph.D.Candidate with a specialty in Leadership, I use my research and writing skills to help you accomplish major projects such as writing your book and acquiring private grants. I am a seasoned professional speaker, workshop leader and holistic life coach. I welcome opportunities to speak to your small businesses, non-profit organizations, and larger companies.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

I am an educator at heart. As a child , I always wanted to teach school. After graduating college, I started my teaching career at Woodland Junior High School , East Meadow, New York. I taught English , grades 7-9, for 10 years. Early in my career, I realized that students could not absorb any learning if their self esteem was suffering. That’s when I launched my study, work, writing and coaching in the field of interpersonal skills, communication, and self management. I earned my Certification as a Holistic Life Coach from Alan Cohen’s Foundation on Holistic Life Coaching. I began my Ph.D. in the Philosophy of Educational Leadership to learn leading edge information and establish my credibility as an emerging scholar , so I am prepared to tackle the systemic problem of INEQUITY IN SOCIO ECONOMIC REALITY AND HOW IT IMPACTS A CHILD’S EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND FUTURE SUCCESS.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is a business with 11-50 employees who believes in investing in their team’s skills, teamwork, and career development.

What would your clients say about you?

I hope they’ll say that I meet my commitments, am dedicated to their projects, and that I am passionate about what I do.

What do you love about your life?

I am truly grateful for my family, citing my close relationship with my best buddies, my Grandchildren, Raya Brette 5, and Harris Leo, 3 I followed them to Florida to maintain close distance. I moved from Connecticut. I also cherish my relationship with my kids who live in New York. And I feel too blessed to be stressed because of my relationships with so many wonderful business and personal friends. I love my work, my hobbies, my living space and most of all my good health, which I consider my highest priority and work hard to mainain.

Why did you join NAWBO?

My dear friend, Christina Weppner, introduced me to NAWBO. Many years ago, I was a member of many women’s organizations: Women in Sales, New York Association of Women Business Owners and National Association of Female Executives. I would like to contribute to the mission of NAWBO and make new friends as well!