Kaysian Gordon

Kaysian Gordon

Clarus Group






Clarus Group LLC is an integrated wealth management firm with offices in Freehold, Pennington, and Caldwell, New Jersey, and in New York City and provides integrated wealth management which encompasses financial planning, risk management, tax planning, estate planning, and life transition planning.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

“An industry that found me, but one that I love as I’m able to help clients plan for their financial future in a way that is practical and a way that they can understand. I take complicated financial topics, and break them down in simpler to understand terms, so that you are able to walk away knowing why you are making the choices that you are, and being able to confidently make informed decisions.”

Who is your ideal client?

“I work with individuals, families and business owners who stand to benefit by a long term relationship dedicated to their long term financial (and overall) success and legacy. They are in need of holistic financial planning, and how all their assets work together, and to help for the future and life after retirement. I look at ensuring that the overall estate planning is being coordinated with their respective centers of influence. I especially love working with women who are in transitional phases in their lives, and to be able to guide them on their financial life.”

What would your clients say about you?

“I’m someone who can understand what they are looking to accomplish and we are working on their goals together. I become an accountability partner for them in taking their next steps, and ensuring their financial lives are in order.”

What do you love about your life?

“I’m now able to blend my life as a Financial Advisor, author, speaker on both faith and finance and I’m able to inspire individuals to make changes in their lives that are beneficial not just from a finance perspective but also from a self care and understanding what’s important to them.”