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Judi Hays, Inc. specializes in LinkedIn by providing marketing strategy, content and campaign management services.
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Judi Hays

Judi Hays, Inc.




Judi Hays, Inc. specializes in LinkedIn by providing marketing strategy, content and campaign management services. As a modern full-stack marketer, Judi also provides services utilizing other marketing channels and tools including event marketing, website SEO, email marketing, Twitter and public relations, etc. Judi takes pride in obtaining a high level of visibilty for her clients so they are perceived as experts in their industry. She does this by producing campaigns that generate meaningful engagement among their target audience.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

“It’s a natural attraction to help people be the best they can be. I love working on puzzles and find that marketing is a log like solving a jigsaw puzzle. There’s many different ways to solve a problem. I love the challenge and experimentation that leads to a result.”

Who is your ideal client?

“B2B companies with annual revenues of $1MM to $10MM who typically do not have internal marketing support make ideal clients.

“For LinkedIn campaigns, ideal clients are recruiters, lawyers, CPAs, AEC industry (real estate, construction, architecture), executive coaches, published authors and sales teams within B2B organizations.

“For tradeshows and industry conferences, ideal clients are exhibitors, sponsors, event producers, speakers, and industry trade associations.

“For training and speaking opportunities, ideal clients are industry-specific organizations, trade associations, chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, and sales teams within B2B companies.

“For executive coaching, ideal clients are corporate executives (VP through C-suite) who are interested in refreshing their presence and leveraging LinkedIn to grow their personal brand.”

What would your clients say about you?

“My clients will say I am passionate about my work. They know I am dedicated to helping them grow their business. Most of all, they appreciate how I hold them accountable to reach their stated goals. The 48+ testimonials on my LinkedIn profile say it best:

What do you love about your life?

“I am grateful to work with people who appreciate what I can offer them and who are willing to place a value on that expertise. I am fortunate to have built a strong network where 95% of my business comes to me via word of mouth referrals. I relish the freedom my business allows me to work from where, when and with whom I chose to work with. I work very hard, but I do it on my own terms!”