Glendy Yeung

Glendy Yeung

Vibrational Wellness

Glendy Yeung is changing the way we experience who we are – our thoughts, emotions and relationship with our body mind and spirit – with vibrational wellness. Using holistic approachs to well-being with the transformative power of vibrations, every experience with Glendy is an opportunity to access meditative states, deep relaxation, physical/mental/emotional rejuvenation and your inner wisdom for soul growth. Through sound baths, group/private healing sessions and workshops, corporate mindfulness training, online programs, and vibrationally enhanced products, Glendy is inspired to share the practices she has accumulated over 15 years which she attributed to her well being in the corporate world. Her immersive experiences allow participants access to clarity, focus, resilience in mind, body and spirit. 

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

These practices and healing modalities helped support my work-life balance and restore my everyday physical/mental/emotional equilibrium over my near two decade long career in the corporate world.

Who is your ideal client?

Working women striving for excellence in their field with little time and outlet to develop self-awareness, stress management and work-life balance. I especially enjoy working with people who are working to expand their awareness, breakthrough limitations, and heal old wounds, embody authenticity and embrace self-empowerment

Corporations looking to develop authentic relationships among their human assets with progressive wellness program that are down to earth and inclusive to create a sense of community/corporate family.

What would your clients say about you?

Insightful, impactful, kind, nurturing

“I could really feel enormous shifts, comfort and healing happening as you were speaking. I came away feeling liked I’d shed some unnecessary layers and touched something true.”

“Glendy is nothing less than gifted, intuitive, gentle and powerful. She’s an embodiment of wisdom and her kind spirit is nurturing. I’ve worked with Glendy for over 3 years now and I always feel more balanced, centered and empowered.
The changes and shifts are not only physical but also energetic and elemental. Her techniques are rich and powerful and the recalibration is felt throughout many layers of the body and mind. She’s a true healer! ”

What do you love about your life?

Being able to embrace freedom and sovereignty every moment, I align with tools, practices and network to deepen meaningful pursuits as well as as healthily navigate life’s challenges.