Dr. Naeemah Ruffin

Bellantz empowers individuals to achieve a more youthful facial appearance naturally and non-invasively.
headshot of Dr. Naeemah Ruffin

Why did you choose this particular business/industry

My life-long passion is to help women age gracefully and naturally and love how they look at any age.

Who is your ideal client?

Women 45+ who’s skin is showing signs of aging and their current regimen is not sufficient to achieve the results they are looking for. These women desire to age gracefully but to do it naturally. They seek to maximize their own beauty and any age in the healthiest way possible. They want a natural alternative to botox, fillers, and invasive cosmetic surgery. They are health-conscious, exercise, and eat a healthy diet.

What would your clients say about you?

“Naeemah’s facial exercise coaching has made me look and feel much younger, naturally. Her caring and supportive style coupled with her motivating energy made the sessions fun and productive. Her program is backed by medical research that strengthening the facial muscles can reduce wrinkles and make the skin firmer. I exercise my body to stay healthy and in shape – I wanted to do same with my face….”

What do you love about your life?

I am learning and growing in ways I never thought possible.

Why did you join NAWBO?

I wanted to join a network of women who are life-long learners and who want to empower other women to grow and develop into the best version of themselves.

Bellantz is a company that empowers individuals to achieve a more youthful facial appearance naturally through face exercise and clinical grade skincare products. It was launched November 2020 by Dr. Naeemah Ruffin, Founder and CEO. Bellantz offers private one-to-one coaching packages over 6-, 12-, and 20- weeks. These sessions, currently online, are held weekly for 45 minutes. During the sessions the client receives instructions on how to perform customized face exercises to meet their individual needs including a customized skincare regimen. The client is given a home protocol to perform for approximately 15 minutes per day and typically will see results in 6 weeks on average. Bellantz also offers group classes for organizations or groups of 5 or more who want to learn more about face exercising.