Beth Hernandez-Casey

Beth Hernandez-Casey

Meeting Nerd




Meeting Nerd is a full service event and meeting management agency specializing in Corporate Events, Event Strategy, Event Design, Engagement, and Virtual Events.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

“My purpose in life is to enable brilliance. Designing, planning, and managing events is just that, enabling brilliance. The events world inspires and challenges me everyday all while allowing me to stay true to purpose. But events are more than just a source for inspiration for me. Working in the events industry allows me to put my natural gifts to good use. I am gifted at finding clarity in chaos and creating plans to reach goals when it may seem like there simply isn’t a way. I am motivated and moved by the work I do. ”

Who is your ideal client?

“Medium to large companies who are looking to update, elevate, or innovate their existing programs. ”

What would your clients say about you?

“That I am their secret weapon. ”

What do you love about your life?

“I love that I get to see my family often even though we are separated by a continent. I am so thankful for my incredibly supportive husband who is not only talented and hilarious, but a patient, engaging, and loving father. I love that I get to walk my son to daycare everyday, pick him up early, and eat dinner with him every night. I love the life we have built together and that I get to do what I love, on my own terms.”