Public Policy

Public Policy

Public policy positions on taxes, health care and attitude towards business can affect the vitality of your business and the places in which you do business now and in the future. You can help shape the future of your business and business climate by keeping up to date on and getting involved in public policy.

NAWBO provides a platform for women business owners to come together as one voice that translates into a formidable economic force and an effective agent for change in the business environment.

NAWBO has continued to represent the issues and concerns of small and women-owned businesses at the national and state levels. Through Congressional testimony, public policy conferences and member education, NAWBO has been at the forefront of advocacy on behalf of women business owners and the issues that impact their companies.  Join with NAWBO to represent the interests of the fastest growing segment of the economy.

NAWBO has focused on public policy issues of national and statewide interest impacting women entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1975. By attending White House events, providing Congressional testimony, holding advocacy conferences, developing reports, and educating members, NAWBO has consistently brought the concerns of women business owners to our lawmakers in Washington, D.C. In 1988, NAWBO played a key role in the passage of The Women’s Business Ownership Act, also known as H.R. 5050. This landmark legislation allowed women to receive business loans without the co-signature of a male relative. H.R. 5050 also created the National Women’s Business Council, a body of women entrepreneurs and women’s organizations that provides counsel to the President and Congress.

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Get to Know Your Elected Officials

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”
~Shirley Chisholm

Getting to know your elected representatives can be great for your business! By building relationships with policymakers, you can:

 learn about government contract opportunities;
 raise your visibility by attending community meetings and events;
 build credibility by becoming known as the “go-to” person in your industry; and
 develop goodwill by helping to shape the community you live and work in.

All of this can help promote your business and improve your bottom line.

Here are a few tips on how YOU can start connecting with your elected representatives.

1. Find out their names. The people serving as our elected officials can change from time to time due to elections, death, resignation, or other reasons. To find out who your current representatives are, try visiting a site like (Find Your Representatives – Common Cause).

1. Once you type in your address, the site will display the names and contact
information for your representatives on the federal, state, and local levels.

2. Start local. The saying that “All politics is local” is quite true. While some of us may never come face-to-face with the President of the United States, there is a chance we may run into one of our local officials at the grocery store, neighborhood diner, or community event. These are all excellent opportunities to say hello, introduce yourself and ask your representative if there is any initiative you can help him or her with.

3. Attend a City Council, School Board, or other Public Body meeting. Attending a public body meeting is a great way to listen in and get a feel of what’s important to your elected officials. How do they view things? What are their personalities like? What projects are they working on? The information you glean could help you craft a proposal that solves a problem they’re
concerned about—thus making you a valuable contributor. Also, many public bodies now conduct their meetings via videoconference, so you can even tune in from the comfort of your home, car, office …or wherever you happen to be.

Remember Shirley Chisholm’s quote mentioned above. Take the initiative.

Reach out to your electeds. Get to know them …and let them get to know you, too!
U. Nkechi Nwachukwu, Esq. is a NYS licensed attorney who concentrates in Government Relations, Land Use, Estate Planning, and Homeschool Law. Her firm is MWBE certified and she currently serves as the VP of Public Policy for NAWBO NYC.

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