NAWBO-NYC Presidents

NAWBO-NYC Past Presidents Alyssa Peek photography NAWBO NYC Presidents
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Maisha Walker, NAWBO-NYC President


Maisha Walker

It was a great experience driving NAWBO NYC’s mission forward, we created more awareness for NAWBO in general and NAWBO NYC specifically. We also worked on furthering awareness for our passion for advocacy for women’s causes. There are many great things in store for NAWBO NYC in the following years and I am happy to be part of this group of women that is creating this momentum.


Sophie Wade

It was a wonderful experience to rally together as a Board and support women-owned businesses in New York with dedication and purpose. Participating actively in the NYC chapter and mentoring groups as well as NAWBO’s National community made a lasting impression on me, connecting with so many super female entrepreneurs.

2011 – 2015

Jane Wesman

It was truly a privilege to lead NAWBO-NYC for 4 years. I was delighted with the progress we made, adding value-packed programming that included a strong mentoring component. It was wonderful to help so many women grow their businesses. I look forward to seeing the organization thrive for decades to come.


Pat Aheasy

2009 – 2011

Pat Ahaesy

NAWBO is the only National Association that I know of that educates women business owners and offers the opportunity to grow their network. I was very fortunate to lead the chapter during a very challenging time, the height of the Recession, and my board and I made significant changes to help the chapter grow.

Tasha Norman

2007 – 2009

Tasha Norman

To lead and grow NAWBO-NYC was an honor. Our collective entrepreneurial drive, talents, and friendships kept us moving forward even while the world was in financial crisis. My presidency helped me grow as a leader by focusing on purpose, direction, motivation, and the success of women business owners.

Melanie McEvoy

2005 – 2007

Melanie McEvoy

As president, I was charged with the task of leading NAWBO-NYC through a major transition. The ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu best describes what I have learned during my short tenure: The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Lara Kisielewska

2004 – 2005

Lara Kisielewska

I spent more than a decade working with other NAWBO-NYC presidents and viewed them first as role models and mentors before I was able to view them as peers. My many varied experiences with NAWBO-NYC over the years changed my view of myself and what I was capable of achieving.

Lyn San-Andres

2002 – 2004

Lynn San Andres

In leading the organization, I became clearer about what was important to me. The confidence I gained from putting projects in motion, and seeing them evolve, helped me put my personal goals into action. I have grown past wanting to be and have become a person who does!

2001 – 2002


Being president opened my eyes to all I could do. Before, I had a major fear of speaking to large groups. Now I speak in front of hundreds of people, confidently. I still feel passionately about NAWBO-NYC. Any woman business owner should support this organization without thinking twice.


Rosemary Bova

2000 – 2001

Rosemary Bova

Being president of NAWBO-NYC gave me a wonderful opportunity to test my leadership skills. I am passionate about women having economic security and being an influence on how business is conducted and policy is developed. NAWBO-NYC is an excellent vehicle to address these issues.

Leslie Grossman


Leslie Grossman

While president of NAWBO-NYC, I realized that my true passion was supporting the success and growth of women business owners. I want to give back to an organization that gave so much to me and ensure that women business owners have the ongoing support that NAWBO-NYC offers.

Barbara Nagel

1998 – 1999

Barbara Nagel

Being president of NAWBO-NYC allowed me to develop leadership skills that I never even knew I had. It caused me to rethink my career and move from a private legal practice to one that incorporates non-profits and private/public partnerships. And I have formed life-long friendships.

Sharon Emek

1997 – 1998

Sharon Emek

I remain active in NAWBO-NYC because of the difference it made in my life. I learned about leadership, friendship, support, having clout and opening doors for women in business and politics. And I learned how to inspire people, which continues to impact my business.

Carol Wall Bassin

1995 – 1997

Carol Wall Bassin

Being president of NAWBO-NYC changed my life, enabling me to use the skills I had developed as a business owner. I became an effective mediator, goodwill ambassador and public speaker. Many of my dearest friendships developed before, during and after my presidency.

1992 – 1994

Heather Brighton

Being president of NAWBO-NYC made it possible for me to see what was really available for women. I have a passion for the organization. What better way to get the help, advice and friendship that NAWBO-NYC has given me over the the last 15 years.

1990 – 1992

Rosann Levy

Being president of NAWBO-NYC was very gratifying. It was inspiring to meet so many high-powered women in business and to build an organization which gave them the support, resources and information they needed to grow their companies successfully. I made wonderful friendships that I have sustained throughout the years.


Jessica Watson-Crosby

Being president of NAWBO-NYC helped me focus on my business and become successful through what I learned. It also gave me a perspective on the business climate—locally, nationally and globally—through wonderfully challenging experiences.

1986 – 1988

Dolores Kazanjian

I‘m very proud of having been president of NAWBO-NYC and the contribution we made to women business owners. The chapter has grown significantly since I was at its head and that‘s a great thing for its members. I wish NAWBO congratulations on its 20th Anniversary.

1985 – 1986

Barbara Haas

When I became president of NAWBO-NYC, there were maybe 30 active members. We focused on the problems we all faced in building our companies. We did a lot of networking, arranged talks and reached out to attract new members and to get new partners in the corporate community.

1983 – 1985

Catherine Maiorisi

We gave women business owners the opportunity to do business and learn from each other. We put together a Women in Business Conference, convinced NAWBO National to hold their annual conference in New York and got delegates elected to the 1986 White House Conference on Small Business…where we wowed them!