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NAWBO NYC Opportunities

Come and be a part of our fantastic community of smart, savvy business women. Share your knowledge, be part of our leadership team, step up and see your businesses grow to the next level.

It’s a Win/Win opportunity that creates success for everyone!

Scroll down to find the area that fits you and your business. You can join us and volunteer for a one off event, or apply to join a committee.

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS to promote events, define and manage our communication schedule and key messages for different times of year, recommend and manage effective advertising opportunities, write engaging posts and tweets on the events, publish photos on Instagram, etc.

EVENTS to produce and run NAWBO NYC events throughout the year includes providing recommendations for events that would be meaningful to women business owners, securing venues, meet & greet at events, finding speakers and getting donations from corporate sponsors.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION serve as an ambassador with intention and to promote our mission and values to all of those we encounter in the business community. We will build an inclusive environment by providing resources and training and also welcoming all thoughts and opinions. The committee members will commit to developing, coordinating and supporting various initiatives that enhance and support our goals.

CORPORATE DEVELOPMENT develop and deepen relationships with corporations who are interested in connecting with and support women business owners.

AMBASSADOR FOR NEW MEMBERSHIP volunteers needed to help us expand our membership through their own out-reach and networks as well as following up with our extended non-member community – conveying all the benefits of NAWBO and our chapter membership.

MEMBER ENGAGEMENT & VOLUNTEERS we care deeply about our members and would love assistance to welcome members, support their range of needs, administer our new Community Offers booklet initiative and ensure our members really benefit from the value of their NAWBO NYC membership.

PROGRAMS: MENTORING & MASTERMINDS our Mentoring Program is a unique opportunity to get support or give support. Our Mastermind groups help many of our members get the advisory support they need to grow their businesses. We are seeking volunteers to help facilitate and monitor these programs, as well as run our select events & celebrations during the year.

ALLIANCES we’re stronger together! NAWBO NYC has established alliances and partnerships with many like-minded organizations in our mission to create opportunities for women business owners. Help NAWBO NYC collaborate with other organizations on events and programs and find other strategic ways to work together to support NAWBO’s goals and our partner’s goals.

Do you have a few hours per week to Volunteer with this amazing group of
smart and savvy NYC businesswomen?

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