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Noreen Sumpter

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Have you ever woken up one morning and you see that your life is working and on the same hand it is not working the on the other hand it is just not working the way you want it too. You look around and maybe you have everything that you desire and things that you have created. However, you feel anxious, fearful and all manner of experiences. You have great friends, family, colleagues who if you told them how you felt they would say your some kind of crazy because from the outside your life looks great. So you don’t share. Overtime your confidence and self-esteem is slowly erroding and you don’t truly recognize yourself and your just going through the motions. Your falling out of love with your life. Well, who I am for my clients is that person that is on their side, that they create accountability with are able to build the life they want so that they can live a life they love by create partnership to Live Life Your Way. Where they can own their voice, speak their truth and live life the way they want.

Why did you choose this particular business/industry? 

Because I love people and I believe that we are all here to live a life we love and to live if fully. However, confidence and self-esteem issues stop us from living our lives fully. We allow doubt and fear to impact us and stop us from Owning our voices, speaking our truth and living life our way. When this happens, our dreams get diminished because we are diminishing ourselves, we do not take actions that allow positive thoughts to expand. We site in our negative ideas about ourselves. I did not have nor did know that I could have access to coaches, mentors or people who could help me get out of my way so that I could live life my way with someone that helped me be accountable. The crux of it is that this industry called to me and I answered, thus I created a business.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal Client are people who are not aware of how amazing they are. They have dreams and desires and they aware that they cannot see their own eyeballs and they are ready willing and able to take on a coach to be accountable and expand the confidence and self-esteem no matter how high or how low it is. All are welcome.

What would your clients say about you?

Check out my google to find my testimonials and reviews from my clients. I am extremely proud of my testimonials and my business.

What do you love about your life?

What do I love about my life. Omg, where do I start. I love everything about my life. The good and the bad. I love when things work and even when they do not work, because it is an opportunity for me to create. I love my creativity. I love the contribution that I can be to others and myself. I love the opportunity to work and create a business and keep moving. I love that I have been a life coach for over a decade. I love that I live in Brooklyn and America, I love that I am constantly growing. I love that I get to see my integrity in action. I love that I am loved by people in my family, friends and business. I love that I can pick up the phone and reconnect with people in my past and create connection in my present and future. I love that I am writing and speaking my life is active and alive. Great question.