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The RMG Group

Chara McGill

The RMG Group provides professional bookkeeping services to small businesses. With a staff of 20+ (Accountants, Controllers, Managers), they specialize in creating the best solution for each client company. Their clients include local, multi-state, and international entities, in diverse industries from wholesale to “e-tail”; products to services; on a wide variety of software platforms (QuickBooks, proprietary or enterprise platforms, third-party add-on applications, online/cloud-based).

Chara is a 25+ year veteran in the industry, with a special interest in developing systems and processes for best practices, and fitting the best solution to each client’s specific needs. They customize all components of services, from work-schedule (weekly, monthly, project-only), to location (on- or off-site), to the overall scope of work (full-charge, after-the-fact, developing new processes or optimizing what’s already in place), whether the client is fully “electronic” or working with paper – or transitioning from one to the other.

How are your business financial records?
Are they accurate, up-to-date, and informative?
Do your bookkeeping processes work for you, or…
Do you wonder if things could be better or easier?
Do you want to find out?

Get an assessment of your existing bookkeeping systems
For a flat fee of $750*, find out:
Where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there!

* This is a 50% discount to NAWBO members off the standard $1,500 fee, offered to companies with $3M or less in annual revenue