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Flexcel Network

Sophie Wade

The Future of Work heralds a profound and disruptive transformation for businesses and individuals, where work is being fundamentally redefined: work is an activity not a place; corporate culture is purpose-focused; working hours and locations are flexible; careers are latticed, not linear and compounding; hierarchy can be fluid and or contextual; company and home boundaries are blurred; employee happiness is a corporate objective and reciprocity and trust shape the employer/employee relationship.

Flexcel Network provides strategic consulting services to corporations so they can minimize the disruption and maximize the results in the transition to a fast-approaching and dramatically-different working environment. Flexcel typically focuses on increased productivity and higher retention rates to measure their impact.

Flexcel Network also helps employees and independent workers prepare for the Future of Work and start proactively to manage their careers. Professionals can participate in Flexcel’s seminars and leverage a wealth of online resources.