What if Your Web Designer Suddenly Disappeared?

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Do you have the required information about your website in case your designer no longer supports you?

In many cases, when my clients request a new website to replace their existing one, we find out that they don’t have key information about their site or processes.

Information that you need to acquire from your designer will save your time, money and sanity! For example:

1. Login information, for example, to your WordPress admin panel, to FTP access, to your account websites.

2. A list of all components, e.g., plugins needed to run the system. Many times, there are many in the system that are not being used, even if they are activated.

3. License numbers, activation and access keys for themes, plugins, and any software you need to run your system.

4. Documentation of processes needed to run with your integrated platforms, for example, if you use a fulfillment center that integrates to your website, what documentation or processes are needed to make it work?

5. A list of vendors, contact information, and account numbers.

Before migrating to a new system, make sure EVERY aspect of your business processes handled by the website is tested. Vendors typically say, ‘yes, it will work if you have the same the plugins’. That is not sufficient for many reasons. Murphy’s Laws are very real!


Dahlia Benaroya
Dahlia Web Designs LLC