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Intentional Paradigms Coaching & Consulting

Stephanie Trager coaches Lawyers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs actualize their full potential. As a mastery certified business coach, career and success strategist, Stephanie helps her clients leverage their unique gifts and talents for more income, influence and purpose in their lives. Stephanie is also an attorney and consultant and is an award winning expert at helping ambitious professionals design creative ways to deliver their expertise and challenge the status quo while powerfully positioning themselves as leaders in their field and leaders in their lives.

COMPLIMENTARY 60 Minute Laser Breakthrough Coaching Session -
What if you could have more ________?
What if __________ no longer got in your way?

Redeem Your FREE Laser Breakthrough Coaching Session and let Stephanie help you get out of your own way + unfold a strategy to help you have more of what you WANT! 60 minutes can change your life.

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